King George's Menu, Champagne Grande Reserve, Magnum Bottle, Oysters..

King George’s Menu

Can you feel it?! King George’s Menu!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, King George’s Menu, quite soon will be available in the best places of Amsterdam!! Keep an eye on it !! UNIQUE !! King George’s Menu!! KING GEORGE’S DELIGHT !! It’s not far to get you singing even if you didn’t imagine it right.. You cannot imagine it right, in this moment, cause King George’s menu is something that is coming from very far from all of us, it is coming from quite forgotten story, and the magic manifestations of Aborigine wizards!! The King George menu has been named by the inspiration from the movie “Australia”. A free man, that has a different sense of the taste, smell, recognition and manifestation of magic, showed us this different direction.. As we do believe in magic, we’ve decided to follow up, actually we’ve understood, that we are.. We are in front of innovation, which means, a partly copy in this world of the Planet Earth, but still very original in its own way and a sign of intelligence.. As the meaning of this life supposed to be a magnificent journey, here we are!! Fully proud to present you this King George’s Menu, just one step that will take you on the journey of inspiration!! You’ll be exploring magnificent circles of beauty, that belongs nowhere else but to the Inception!! A dream, that need a follow, cause of the PLEASURE!! A Pleasure that simply wants to continue, as it feels good, so good that I thought, would I like to change this ambiance ever.. Drinking Champagne is a part of my life that I really LOVE!! Combining this Grande Reserve of ours, made of 100% Chardonnay from Damery and the heart of the Champagne region, with oysters, gives something that you can call abundance of taste.. Because of this Inception, we’re doing it and offering you unlimited access to this treasure!! I’ll keep you posted as soon as it’s gotten present in the best bar of the Netherlands, the Door 74, Amsterdam!!